About Anlela Design

Why use the services of Anlela Design Interiors?
We believe everyone should have a beautiful home and we strive to make our services affordable, effective and personalized. We are a team that understands that the combination of excellent design and excellent customer service can deliver an excellent customer experience overall. Flexible and inexpensive design service. Depending on your budget, your location and your personal preferences, we have different options. One stop design solution. We not only deliver beautifully designed items, but also coordinate the placing of orders and delivery. Our order processing team compares the seller’s prices to make sure you are getting the best price. If you have certain seller promotional codes we can apply them to your order.

What is the house style?
Anlela Design does not have a “house style”, but looks at every project from a new perspective. Anlela Design takes inspiration from many different things every day, but inspiration comes from the quality of the design and further pushing boundaries to form the final combination of form and function.

Design Process

How can I start?
Take our style quiz to understand what your interior style looks like. We will be in touch shortly to learn more about your design needs. You can also contact us directly at info@anleladesign.com at any time.

Do I have to take a quiz?
We encourage our clients to take our style test so we can understand their likes and dislikes in the area of ​​design. Don’t worry – nothing is “final”. You also have the opportunity to explain your style, vision and needs in a full briefing with us.

How do I prepare for the first consultation with Anlela Design?
We always recommend that you pick some inspirational images for the areas where you are seeking advice before we meet. It can be anything from magazines to Pinterest to help us visualize the atmosphere you like, the type of furniture you are drawn to, etc. That is, when you feel lost or unsafe are what you’re looking for – don’t worry, we’ll help. If necessary, we can help you solve the concept from A to Z.

How should Anlela Design understand my style and what I like?
We’ll review and use all of the information you discussed in the first meeting and the results of your style test. The design process is a collaborative process. You are therefore urged to upload inspiring images to your personal high-end project folder so that we can understand your vision for the space.

How can I get the most out of a collaboration?
Here are some key tips on how to get the most out of working with designers: Provide open and honest feedback. If you like or dislike something, be sure to explain why or what specific aspects of the design you like or dislike. In the first few days we will brainstorm together and reach consensus on the design direction. If you are not 100% satisfied with the final design concept, say so. Otherwise, it may result in an undesirable design. Pay attention to the schedule. High-end projects have clear schedules. Make sure you provide timely input and feedback to the designers to avoid wasting time.

How does Anlela Design know what my room will look like when I order your online design service?
Part of the project description includes uploading floor plans, photos or videos of your current space conditions to a personal folder that we will create for you. In addition, at the beginning of the project we propose a (video) conversation with you, in which you can describe your space in more detail and even take a virtual tour.


I need more time – what should I do?
If for various reasons you are temporarily unable to provide input or feedback to the designer, you can suspend the project for a certain number of days. If you need to increase the design time, the same applies. Please send a message to info@anleladesign.com.

The project is taking too long, how can you speed it up?
The design process involves many steps that usually take longer than expected. Agreeing to meet at least daily on the online collaboration committee is a great way to keep the project moving forward.

Features and Services

What is the difference between online design service and traditional design service?
At Anlela Design, we believe that everyone should have a beautiful home. Because of this, we offer you several options to choose from, depending on your location, budget and general preferences.

I’m not sure if there are ready-made design packages that can perfectly meet my needs. Does Anlela Design offer other custom design services? With our offline recruitment service, you can flexibly request various services. Our package does not include custom design services. If you have special furniture requirements, please contact us at info@anleladesign.com, we will be happy to make you an offer.

Can Anlela Design design a commercial space?
Yes! For inquiries about office design, please contact us at info@anleladesign.com. Our team would be happy to discuss the project with you.

Can high-end decoration projects be done?
Yes! We have a number of external partners with whom we can offer our customers highly customized design services.

Can Anlela Design work all over Switzerland and Germany?
We not only focus on offline services in the field of (traditional) interior design in Switzerland and Germany, but also offer online services in the field of interior design worldwide. This allows us to work remotely and provide flexibility and convenience to our customers no matter where they are.

Can Anlela Design work on any budget?
We will do our best to keep your budget within budget. Pricing a space can be a tedious process. Hence, we want to make sure customers are informed of typical budgets based on the quality of the seller and total furniture needs.

Customer Care

How can I best contact Anlela Design?
The best way to contact Anlela Design’s customer service is by email at info@anleladesign.com. You can also reach us by phone at +4915144819904, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ETC.