Within interior architecture, the garden – a space of harmony

 Gardens are becoming more and more important because they are places to retreat and relax from the stress of daily life.

Gardens are becoming more and more important because they are a place of retreat and relaxation from the stress of everyday life. No room offers more nature and naturalness, no room can offer more relaxation, no room more enjoyment for the eye than the garden. Ultimately, the garden belongs to the house, they form a unit, there is no house and garden, there is the house with the garden. No matter whether the character of the garden design should be Mediterranean, Japanese, natural, practical, or aesthetic. Only a harmonious garden design ensures that the garden fulfills the owner in the long term.

Favorite Plants

Everyone has their own favorite plant. It is therefore important to incorporate individual concepts tailored to the individual projects for the perennial areas into the architectural concepts right from the start and to always redesign them according to the taste of the owners. In our eyes, you must merge the external design with the internal design in order to create a uniform, harmonious scene.

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